Sectors and Projects

We understand your business! We are able to tackle the specific issues and challenges posed by various segments thanks to our sound computer science training and years of experience in the industry. For our clientele we become expert contacts who possess the technical expertise and skills to seamlessly model their business processes on IT processes.

What can we do for you?

To show you just how varied our areas of expertise and experience are, we have selected a few examples of projects completed by us on behalf of our customers. The breadth of our technical experience enables us to engineer all-in-one integrated solutions for our customers employing a uniform standard of excellence.

Public-sector institutions

Documents are at the heart of all administrative work. And document technology is our calling: we standardize the multilingual appearance of documents of the EU Institutions and support the drafting of complex legislative documents by the German federal and state governments. We are able to always engineer just the right solution for our customers.
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Software vendors

Software vendors like tapping into our expertise when this expertise dovetails with their core business: we are a service provider to global players like SAP for specialist Microsoft technology, and to Microsoft when integration of open source solutions is needed.
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Telecom providers

With our carrier solutions we have become Germany’s software house with the most comprehensive offerings. We assist our clients in complying with their regulatory obligations pertaining to automated information requests (subscriber and traffic data) and the exchange of porting data between carriers.
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Law enforcement & security agencies

Many federal and state law enforcement and security agencies benefit from our software solutions when it comes to information requests directed to telecom providers for phone numbers, subscriber information or traffic data — whether directly via fax or electronically, or via the German Federal Network Agency, the regulatory authority.
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Banking & financial service providers

Online communication of customers and local customer advisers with central financial software platforms has revolutionized the business processes of banks and insurance companies. We advise and support these clients in rolling out new technologies; we implement cost-effective and truly secure solutions.
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Science & research

Since its founding DIaLOGIKa has been committed to highly specialized science and research projects.

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