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Software companies are like the sands on the seashore. We’ve got staying power. We’ve been at it for more than 40 years now. Because we’re competent, reliable, and persistent — and because we’re eager to work our way into every area of expertise, and we can. One of our “founding fathers” sums it up thus:

Our breadth is our depth
Dr. Jan Messerschmidt




No <br/> since 1982 – und alle feierten mit!


Fortschritt auf zwei Rädern


Einer für alle – alle für einen

DIaLOGIKa. Our Team


DIaLOGIKa says “Hello, world!”

Dr. Kim Pecina, Stefan Lorenz and Julian Backes have known each other since their days at Saarland University studying Computer Science. In July 2018, they took over DIaLOGIKa GmbH from Dr. Peter Auler, Dr. Bernd H. Schmidt and Dr. Jan Messerschmidt who founded the company in 1982.


Tradition and Modernity

Many founding members are serving today as project area leaders, and they personally embody our company’s core values: continuity and competence. They can count on the support of a steadily growing team with a wealth of young talent.


It’s in the diversity

Our DIaLOGIKa team is made up of computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and trained linguists, too. An effective mix that guarantees creativity, competence, and enthusiasm for handling the complex concerns of our customers.


Close ties to research

We recruit our new staff members from nearby universities – and it’s not just the younger ones fresh “from the wild” who keep us creative, innovative, and rooted in science.


Scientific advisory board

Our seasoned scientific advisory board is continuously on hand to competently assess the quality of our project work and provide fresh impetus that’s important for moving us and our customers forward.


From academia and industry

Our advisory board is composed of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Günter Hotz, founding father of German informatics, Dr. Michael Breder as industry representative, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmer, Professor of Applied Computer Science at Saarland University of Applied Sciences.

DIaLOGIKa. Our Mission


In step with the times

Our close ties to research and science enable us to transform the latest developments in computer science into real technologies for our customers.


Active in Europe…

Expressly for the purpose of providing European Union institutions with optimum support, we founded our sister company in Luxembourg, Dokumenta S.A., in 1990 .


…and around the world

Globally operating enterprises such as SAP and Microsoft rely on our competence for creating solutions and products that lie outside their core business.


Innovative strength – patented!

International patents and collaboration on standards in the fields of information security, computer graphics, and electrical vehicles all attest to our innovative capacities.


They heed our advice

We’re active in standardization boards and non-profit organizations: it is through these channels that DIN/ISO, W3C, UniCode Consortium and Java Community Process make use of our contributions and results.


Multilingual for millions

Up to 2.5 million users worldwide use our software solutions in many languages, including a few exotic ones, at their keyboards.

DIaLOGIKa. How we work


Projects certified!

Efficient project management using innovative methods is the standard in our company. Our staff members are certified in V-Model, RUP, Prince2 or SCRUM.


Quality control – effective!

Our ISTQB experts not only put our own software to the acid test, they also support our competitors in optimizing their product quality.


We work according to DIN

Together with our sister company Dokumenta S.A., we carry out our customer projects in compliance with the quality management standards of DIN/ISO 9001.

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From A…

Our work begins at the proverbial drawing board, analyzing and describing the requirements of the future software system that customers need for their specific purposes. The software development itself is based on this preliminary work.


…to Z

Following quality control and documentation, we perform the installation according to the customer’s specifications, and upon request, design customized training sessions, provide user support (also onsite), and help desk services.


For resellers as well

We develop products and solutions not only for end customers, but also on commission. The companies that commission us (some of them industry leaders) integrate our software into their own marketing channels or software systems.

Quick Facts

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    Super-duper coffee machine — with whatever the heart desires!

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    Managing directors — our dream team.

  • 10

    Company bikes — from E-bikes to recumbent tandems, we’ve got it all.

  • 150

    Staff members — making DIaLOGIKa a successful enterprise.

  • 1000

    Projects — some of them real marathoners …

  • 1000000

    Satisfied customers — effectively joined forces with DIaLOGIKa.

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About us

DIaLOGIKa GmbH creates customized software solutions for national and international clients. Our work focuses on the innovation fields of Telecom Data Request / Provision Procedure, Telecommunications, Document Life Cycle, Digital Security, Embedded Systems, Green Mobility, and Safeguards.

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