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Large, particularly security-sensitive organizations need software solutions to guarantee the availability and exchange of content within closed (defined) user groups that provide for individualized protective measures.

Web- and workflow-based collaboration for large groups

CIRCABC not only features flexible user and rights management, but also version control of the stored documents. CIRCABC offers a range of possibilities for individual customization – this is how we were able to tailor solutions to the customer’s needs.


Some of our public sector customers were looking for a tool that would enable large numbers of users in definable user groups to collaborate on documents. The technical basis for this was to be cost-effective and variable.


So we selected an open source tool that we developed further to meet customer requirements: CIRCABC. With this collaboration platform based on the open source framework Alfresco, the distribution and management of documents is made simple.


Whether for high-level security or wide variability in the structure of closed user groups, whether for additional exchange platforms or document types – on the basis of CIRCABC we were able to satisfy all requirements.

Today, CIRCABC is used by our customers for web-based collaboration. Assigned to so-called “interest groups”, the members can work together on documents or exchange ideas through forums or blogs.

CIRCABC is available under the open source license EUPL 1.1 (European Union Public Licence).

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  • J2EE Technologies
  • JSF 1.2
  • WebLogic Application Server
  • Alfresco
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • OSGI


  • European Commission
  • Federal Network Agency


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