It isn’t so inaccurate to see the European Commission as a factory – a factory that produces documents. To take the imagery of the factory further, the document builders are supported in their work by the Commission Document e-Services (CoDe). These are centralized, document-related services.

Server-based infrastructure for document e-Services

The Commission Document e-Services (CoDe) include conversion between various Office formats such as Word to PDF, and they also support or enable complete workflows, such as the centralized scan workflow within the Commission.


The idea was to set up central services for document processing. The most important requirements for these services: expandability (it should be possible to add new services) and scalability (servers run in a cluster that can be added to as needed).


DIaLOGIKa designed and implemented a server-based infrastructure for the creation of the Document e-Services. In the process, special attention was paid to expandability and scalability.


The following services – developed by DIaLOGIKa – are provided by the European Commission through its Document e-Services:

  • OCR CoDe offers optical character recognition and thus allows scans of documents to be converted to searchable PDFs
  • PDF CoDe is a centralized conversion solution for Office formats (including images) to PDF (or also PDF/A)
  • Scan CoDe is the central scan workflow in the commission. Documents scanned by multifunctional printers are converted to searchable PDF documents and sent to the user’s email inbox.
  • ODEF CoDe offers conversion options between a number of file formats, such as ODF to OpenXML

“Highly useful, especially OCR CODE to convert PDF into DOC. We could also do it through internet with the risk of losing confidentiality. Thank you very much ! I use these tools quite often.”

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