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In the European Council there are large numbers of staff who need to create all kinds of documents in all EU languages on a daily basis.

Management of structured documents in all EU languages

We were to automatically integrate, in addition to logos, various document-specific text elements, and frequently, names and roles of officials, in order to eliminate sources of errors.


In 2002 the European Council was looking for a tool to make the creation and processing of these documents with Microsoft Word easier.


DIaLOGIKa developed a software solution that was based on LegisWrite, our own suite of Word add-ins in use at the European Commission since 1994, which was likewise based on MS Word. Initially, its focus was on the further processing of legislation drafted by the Commission.

Beyond the importing and processing of LegisWrite documents exchanged between the Commission and the Council on the basis of XML-based document representation, DocuWrite now primarily serves the creation of all official Council documents – its database storing multiple text elements ready for automatic use in document groups such as legislative acts, press releases, amendments, and responses to parliamentary questions, along with many other basic elements. Our package of services is rounded out by comprehensive testing, training, documentation, integration of user feedback, and continuous consulting activity.


Today over 1,000 staff members use the more than 80 document types in their daily work – and that number continues to grow. The continuing development of the powerful DocuWrite framework includes the integration of ever new document types and elements in its core database, but also frequent changes in the concrete text components due to the personnel dynamics within the EU workforce. These changes make “change management” an important aspect of maintenance for DocuWrite, and we handle them using standardized forms that are continuously adapted by the project group together with those responsible at the European Council, in order to meet the growing demands.

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  • MS Office (all versions)
  • C/C++/C#
  • VB
  • VBA
  • Visual Studio
  • VSTO
  • .NET
  • MS Windows
  • XML (including XSD, XSLT etc.)
  • Unicode
  • MS Project
  • Adobe Tools
  • PDF


  • General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union


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