Jump Start for Carriers

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Jump Start for Carriers

The Saarland company inexio Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation KGaA went public in January of 2008 with the goal of offering the complete spectrum of telecommunications and IT services – from carrier services all the way through the full range of telecommunications, IT, and data center services.

Jump Start for Carriers

As a regional partner for its customers, even then inexio already had its own, steadily growing fiberglass and urban network of more than 1,600 kilometers and three of its own data centers in Luxembourg, Saarlouis, and Kaiserslautern. Redundant backbone connections to the node at Frankfurt ensured the necessary bandwidth and uninterrupted service for its customers.


inexio’s ambitious goal of covering the entire spectrum of telecommunications from a standing start also meant that nearly the whole range of InfPort43 products would be deployed from the beginning.


In April of 2008 the installation of the first components was begun, simultaneously with the development of the interfaces of inexio’s other systems with InfPort43.


In July of 2008, with the porting data exchange for land line numbers, the first component went live. In September of 2008, the telephone book interface to Deutsche Telekom’s data compilation department and the subscriber number management module was put into operation. In the final quarter of 2008 the information request system with the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) via our InfBrok90 system also went live.

“Since the interfaces for the porting data exchange constantly undergo further development by all carriers, it’s a very resource-intensive issue for a network operator to try to handle all on its own. So for us it was clear that we would only manage this task with a reliable partner. Since I had already worked together successfully with DIaLOGIKa, no other provider was going to come into consideration for this.“

Jens Constroffer (inexio, Technical Director, Voice & Access)

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