In Luxembourg, companies provide their employees with individualized pension plans conforming to legal requirements. These plans are supervised and administrated by the Luxembourgish social security administration (IGSS - Inspection Générale de la Sécurité Sociale).

Actuarial data meets data security

The social security administration was looking for a data-secure controlling instrument that could support them not only with storing and controlling company pension plans and formulas, but also for creating employer certificates that would be valid for tax purposes. The third group of actors in this process was the providers of supplementary company pension plans, who gave the social security administration access to a series of satellite systems that were likewise developed within the framework of the PenCom project.


The Luxembourgish social security administration wanted automated support for compiling, supervising, and administrating pension plans provided by Luxembourgish employers. In Luxembourg (unlike in Germany), these social security data originate directly from private sector companies. These companies needed local applications that could work closely together with the central system, to digitally sign and encrypt their data before being sent via a secure web service to the social security administration.


Following analysis of the necessary security and exchange requirements, Dokumenta, DIaLOGIKa’s partner company in Luxembourg, developed a detailed software design that would serve the needs of the private sector, government supervision, and not least those insured.


We implemented the web solution Pencom, which is used today by the Luxembourgish social security administration as a central exchange system and thus by all companies in Luxembourg. Pencom is hosted by a JavaEE application server – the core functionality is implemented using a rule-based, formula-steered engine. Data exchange between insurance providers and the IGSS is based on the product eWebmail, from the AMS product line developed by DIaLOGIKa. Data exchange is secured through the use of the LuxTrust technology (likewise developed by DIaLOGIKa). This adds electronic signatures to data links as well as exchanged data, and encrypts them.

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