Putting reliable digital security into practice requires skill and technical understanding of a wide variety of technological methods and processes that are constantly evolving. Our mission is to create the currently most innovative solutions for and with our customers.

Signature & Legal Validity

An electronic signature links electronic documents with data that identify the signatory and simultaneously ensure the integrity (inalterability) of the signed electronic document. So the signed electronic document and its signature are merged into an inseparable unit. We make sure these properties are displayed by means of an electronic signature, not only to satisfy the requirements for legal validity, but also to enable long-term and legally valid archival. This is how we can best meet each customer’s information security needs and minimize or completely eliminate IT risks.

Cryptography & Encryption

To implement electronic signatures, we use various cryptographic processes which are constantly evolving: what’s considered secure today may be circumvented by clever minds or powerful computers tomorrow. This is why electronic signatures are short-lived and must be adapted to keep pace with the current state of the art, as soon as the integrity of the signed document could possibly be put into question.We help our customers employ the right processes to meet their particular signature needs. Here we make use of mathematical and computational methods.

Trustcenter & Smart Card

We’ve developed numerous products to guarantee security: starting from essential software for security operations centers (Trustcenter, Certification Authority, Time Stamp Server) and access to terminal security devices (Smart Card Reader, PKCS#11), to software for secure, distributed access management, to qualified signature of XML and PDF documents (XAdES, PAdES), our solutions allow no security breaches.

Four-Eyes Principle & Authentication

With the same quality, we secure work flows, support human control by means of the four-eyes principle, and make sure that important messages are neither lost nor forgotten. One of our solutions enables server-based encryption and signing of outgoing messages (S/MIME & PGP). We also take care of decryption and signature controls prior to the necessary centralized content filtering (for viruses, spam).

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