Areas of Application


Areas of Application

Since our very earliest days, we at DIaLOGIKa have been implementing highly specialized projects in the areas of science and technology. The high proportion of natural scientists among us (from physics, electrical engineering, biology, mathematics, information science) enables us to get to the core of the most challenging of tasks and create the software solutions that meet them. Whether it’s for supporting the scientific community or highly specialized technical production and its monitoring, we have the technical background that it takes. Moreover, we’re experts for everything to do with the issue of digital security.

Nuclear Energy

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) uses the umbrella term safeguards to refer to all its measures for monitoring nuclear material. In Germany we also use the expressions nuclear material monitoring, or fission material monitoring, or fission material flow monitoring. The goal is to enable uninterrupted tracking of radioactive materials.
The nuclear sector is a sensitive one. For this reason we cannot present any case studies here, unfortunately, but we can assure that highly substantial international actors count among our customers, including the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM), a division of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy.


When it comes to saving human lives, strict quality standards are a must. Organ transports are subject to organizational guidelines as well as exacting transport regulations. This is another area for the deployment of safeguard technologies.


The World Bank’s environmental safeguard policies regulate issues such as when and how environmental assessments are to be carried out, how to proceed in cases of resettlement, how indigenous peoples must be protected, when and how consultations with impacted populations are to be handled, and how biotopes and habitats are to be treated within the framework of projects.

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