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Since as early as 1999, DIaLOGIKa has been offering software solutions for the area of automated telecom data request/provision, a procedure made necessary by the deregulation of the telecom market. Thanks to a very good knowledge of the processes and interfaces, even in those early days we were – as the sole vendor on the German market – able to offer products for both telecoms (obligated to provide information) and security organisations (authorized to request information).

Authorized Entities

Our customers include the police authorities of numerous German federal states. They use our products for the information request/provision procedure as per §§ 112/113 TKG (Telecommunications Act; §§ 173/174 TKG n.F.), for traffic data requests as per i.a. § 100 g StPO (Criminal Procedure Code), LI measures (lawful interception) as per i.a. §§ 100 a,e StPO, as well as location detection.

Obligated Entities

We help customers fulfill their legal obligations to provide information to authorities (Telecommunications Act compliance). Our customers need not worry about future changes in specifications – they receive the corresponding adaptations promptly and free of charge as part of their software maintenance contracts.


Moreover, our customers on both sides of this procedure appreciate the consulting we provide regarding IT infrastructure, encryption, etc. When necessary, we design and develop individualized solutions to best serve the needs of our customers.


Current TKG amendment: overview in 3 minutes!

5 questions - 5 answers. We will then categorise your company with regard to your obligations towards the Federal Network Agency and provide you with personalised information on the subject of "authority requests".


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DIaLOGIKa GmbH creates customized software solutions for national and international clients. Our work focuses on the innovation fields of Telecom Data Request / Provision Procedure, Telecommunications, Document Life Cycle, Digital Security, Embedded Systems, Green Mobility, and Safeguards.

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