Innovation Fields

Document Life Cycle

The capacity to format documents uniformly, file them away retrievably, index them, automate their further processing, translate, and of course, retrieve or archive them – that’s what many of our customers are asking for. Always a challenging task, especially when these documents are to be created by many different users - in many different languages, in standardized form and, of course, with their content correct.

Pure Unadulterated Structure

This requires a high degree of structuring and then, carefully considered style sheets, document templates, and database applications.

More than Corporate Design

These requirements go way beyond mere corporate design, and they aren’t supported by the usual word processing programs out of the box.

More than Word

We develop for you the precise solutions that you need, usually on the basis of MS Word. It’s for very good reason that we’ve been a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for many years now.


Let’s invent software


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About us

DIaLOGIKa GmbH creates customized software solutions for national and international clients. Our work focuses on the innovation fields of Telecom Data Request / Provision Procedure, Telecommunications, Document Life Cycle, Digital Security, Embedded Systems, Green Mobility, and Safeguards.

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