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Since as early as 1999, DIaLOGIKa has been marketing software solutions for customers in the telecommunications area, and today we’re the vendor with the most comprehensive range of products to choose from. All kinds of actors within the telecommunications market rely on DIaLOGIKa’s products and expertise. The modular architecture of our products allows us to offer them at fair prices – you only pay for what you need!

Industry Know-how

Our product portfolio offers solutions for all actors in the field of telecommunications: the Federal Network Agency, security organizations (authorized entities), as well as carriers and service providers (obligated entities). We know every side of the coin! Our many long years of industry know-how and in-depth knowledge of the German Telecommunications Act add up to invaluable advantages for our customers.

Telecommunications Act Compliance

Our experts are always up to date – and our customers too. We ensure that you’re always in prompt and full compliance with your legal obligations, e.g. the current technical guideline TR AAV for automated provision of subscriber data, authorities’ requests via the electronic interface ETSI/ESB, or all requirements having to do with porting data exchange.

Cost Sensitivity

Our solutions automate recurring business processes and reduce long-term costs. In particular, our module for automated provisioning of switches with porting data helps our customers cut their costs considerably, thanks to optimized routing. You receive software adaptations promptly and free of charge as part of your software maintenance contract.


Current TKG amendment: overview in 3 minutes!

5 questions - 5 answers. We will then categorise your company with regard to your obligations towards the Federal Network Agency and provide you with personalised information on the subject of "authority requests".


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DIaLOGIKa GmbH creates customized software solutions for national and international clients. Our work focuses on the innovation fields of Telecom Data Request / Provision Procedure, Telecommunications, Document Life Cycle, Digital Security, Embedded Systems, Green Mobility, and Safeguards.

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