Do you have fun developing software and working in a team? Do you get excited about innovative technologies? Is it important to you to be able to work independently and responsibly? Do you enjoy solving challenging and varied tasks for customers? Are you looking for a secure position in Saarland? We’re always looking for engaged colleagues!


We’ve got interesting tasks in store for students, fresh university graduates, and professionals with work experience – you can apply, even if it seems we don’t have the right position for you. We are pleased to accept and guide students with their bachelor’s or master’s, or secondary students doing an internship. You have questions about applying?

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Everything you need to know about applying for a job at DIaLOGIKa (in German)

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Family & Leisure

We’re known for our extremely flexible working schedule models, as a repeated award for being a family-friendly company attests – “dehemm“ (at home) is important to us here at work, too. We arrange individualized part-time schedules to meet the needs of our employees – an option welcomed not only by mothers and fathers. And at our summer parties the kids running around our grounds outnumber the adults...

Environment & Bicycling

We use company bicycles, have our own bike repair workshop, organize bike tours, and keep a running tally of biked kilometers in order to take part in various bicycling initiatives. That’s how we’ve secured a place on the victory podium in every national competition for the distinction of bicycle-friendliest employer in Germany, sponsored by the German Task Force for Environmentally Conscious Management e. V. (B.A.U.M. e.V.).

Catering & Conviviality

Sitting down for lunch together, partially sponsored by the company, we live out a positive company culture every day. Team events strengthen the cohesion within the project groups. For our summer and Christmas parties we always come up with novel ideas, and we usually make our own music. Game evenings, badminton or football tournaments are always popular. Low rates of employee turnover and absence due to illness indicate to us that we’re on the right track.

Continuing Education & Sports

Internal measures for continuing education on tech issues or soft skills are complemented by weekly one-on-one foreign language lessons in German, English, and French. We regularly keep ourselves informed at fairs and conferences, here and abroad – according to what we need. With trainer-guided sports activities offered for free here on the premises - pilates, back-strengthening exercise, and PowerWorkout – we keep ourselves fit.

Getting to Work & Our Four Walls

Located very close to the Saarland University campus in Saarbrücken, easily reached by bus and train, we work in a green setting, inside a former mining company building that is protected as a historical monument, at the Pascalschacht (Pascal’s Shaft). It was named after the famous French mathematician and informatics pioneer Blaise Pascal, for whom the well-known programming language Pascal was also named. That’s how things can come full circle ...

Environmental & Social Activism

We’ve supported the ADFC Saar e.V. (bicycling association) and Mukoviszidose e.V. (Cystic Fibrosis Association) for over 30 years with our hearts, minds, and wallets. We’ve been a member of the “Umweltpakt Saar”, an association for promoting dialogue and partnership between government and business for the cause of environmental protection, since 2011. Through regular audits we identify our own internal potentials for saving energy.

Let’s invent software


Have we got you interested? Then let’s get together and invent effective solutions and make interesting products and projects happen.

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Gesellschaft für angewandte Informatik mbH

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DIaLOGIKa GmbH creates customized software solutions for national and international clients. Our work focuses on the innovation fields of Telecom Data Request / Provision Procedure, Telecommunications, Document Life Cycle, Digital Security, Embedded Systems, Green Mobility, and Safeguards.

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