AMS - Advanced Messaging Security – is a central, secure, and process-oriented email gateway with an integrated Data Leakage Prevention solution. The AMS product family provides the basis for secure and reliable email communication in a B2B and B2C environment.

Four eyes for your emails

By 1971 email was already playing a decisive role in worldwide digital communication. Email is the most common channel for all kinds of information – everything from offers to contracts. No other medium, whether for company-internal or external communication, is used more frequently for professional information exchange. The use of email presents companies with a multitude of legal and operational challenges. So it’s all the more important to guarantee the secure and legally conformant use of email and integrate it in day-to-day operations. Email security means more than just the protection from viruses and spam. The sending of emails is also a main focus and essential component of the carefully conceived security concept behind AMS.

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The AMS product family with its core components AMS eGUARD, AMS eCRYPT, AMS Secure Inbox, and AMS Web Security Gateway addresses the needs of security-conscious enterprises. Our customer portfolio ranges from international banks to insurance organizations, government agencies, and law practices.

AMS Suite

Our AMS - Advanced Messaging Security Suite integrates all the necessary areas for the protection of email communication inside and outside of the company. Its modular design allows for the utmost flexibility and dynamics.

With its 4i-principle, AMS eGUARD is the logically consistent digital evolution of the four/more-eyes principle. AMS eGUARD applies the more-eyes-principle, proven in medicine, aviation, and contract management, to electronic messaging, monitoring and analyzing in real time the stream of messages to the outside world for the entire company or for selected individual departments. The analytical spectrum ranges from suspicious text patterns to content checking of file attachments. Besides heuristic monitoring, it can also recognize any statistical patterns possibly indicating disturbing behaviors in the email communication. Quantitative information, such as number and size of the sent emails, are aggregated over a defined period of time and compared with the current behavior of the sender. In addition to the automatic real-time analysis, all outgoing messages are automatically subjected to a strict sequence of signatories who are authorized to approve or reject an email. This entire approval process takes place within a familiar environment – in the user’s standard email client - or centrally from the personalized web portal. AMS eGUARD can extend the email communication of your company with a central and reliable DLP solution and improve the transparency of your external business communication.

AMS eCRYPT – Data protection plays a critical role in the exchange of business information by email and over the internet. Everywhere the call is sounding for email encryption in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of email transmission. However, email encryption solutions are often inconvenient and cumbersome to integrate and use. The complexity of especially client-based processes hinders user acceptance and thus the extent of company-wide use. The central module AMS eCRYPT guarantees, by means of a server-side encryption and signature, that only those emails which meet all the defined security and compliance guidelines of our customers may leave or enter the company, thus enabling the fully automatic and user-transparent integration of leading encryption standards. The entire process of encryption and decryption is performed on a central server and can be flexibly integrated into the existing mail server infrastructure.

AMS Secure Inbox guarantees confidential communication between enterprises and customers or business partners. It enables secure message exchange between parties that lack the PKI infrastructure they would otherwise need. AMS Secure Inbox puts at your disposal a secure web access to the outside world which allows access to email and documents using a browser or a dedicated application via a web service interface. AMS Secure Inbox supports the use of client certificates for mutual authentication via TLS. Server-side TLS in combination with TAN cards or third-party security media such as RSA SecureId, are also supported.

AMS Web Security Gateway makes use of the authentication options AMS Secure Inbox offers and makes them available to other websites – e.g. banking systems. Several websites then appear under a common URL as a result of a one-time registration.

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