e-Evidence is the implementation of the European Production and Preservation Order (EPOC).

From August 2026, the European Production and Preservation Order (EPOC), also known as e-Evidence, must be implemented. This means that service providers in the communications or internet sector must also accept and respond to requests from investigating authorities from other European countries. In this context, every provider who offers its services in the EU must designate a contact person for authority requests within the EU.

According to the EPOC, a workflow must be supported that allows the authorities to order the providers to initially only preserve the data (preserve) and to only retrieve it at a later point in time (produce). In addition, a workflow for the approval of data storage or delivery by the national authorities is required. Data delivery (lawful disclosure) includes the following categories of data:

  • Subscriber data
  • Traffic data
  • Data that identifies subscribers (in particular the user of an IP address at a specific point in time)
  • Stored content data (e.g. mailbox content, profile images etc.)

Dialogika will integrate e-Evidence into its workflow system for Lawful Disclosure and Interception InfBrok100 to enable easy and smooth processing of e-Evidence requests.

InfBrok100 is available both as an on-premises installation and as a managed or fully managed service.

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