A solution for telecom providers obligated to comply with §§ 96, 101, 110, 113 of the Telecommunications Act (TKG), §§ 100 a,b,g,j of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO).

The integrated solution for providing information to authorities

InfBrok100 is DIaLOGIKa’s solution for telecom providers in need of an integrated response system to information requests from authorities. It includes in particular the procedures for serving for traffic data requests pursuant to § 100g of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) and § 96 of the Telecommunications Act, for the administration of lawful interception measures (e.g. §§ 100 a,b StPO and § 110 TKG), and for manual subscriber data provision pursuant to § 113 of the Telecommunications Act and § 100 j StPO. Caller location identification in mobile communications (§ 100g StPO and federal state policing laws) and malicious caller identification (§ 101 TKG) are also implemented. Additionally, InfBrok100 can be used for anti-fraud measures (investigation of cases of fraud and theft of service).

The procedures implemented in InfBrok100 are for the most part specified in the TR TKÜV (the technical guidelines for implementation of lawful interception of telecommunications and for traffic data requests), which are in turn based on the ordinance on technical and organizational implementation of lawful telecommunications interception measures (TKÜV).

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  • Web user interface: A web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) forms the interface for InfBrok100 (http/https) via remote access. This eliminates the cost and effort required to install a front end program on each individual PC.
  • Procedure-oriented: InfBrok100 manages procedures that are each composed of individual measures. As a rule, each procedure constitutes precisely one request from an authorized party.
  • High modularity: InfBrok100 can easily be adapted to specific customer requirements due to its high level of modularity (e.g. to the structure of the data delivery systems). The separate presentation levels (3-tier) make it easy to change and individualize the graphical user interface.
  • Report generation: InfBrok100 includes a template system for the automatic generation of individualized text documents (reports, malicious caller identification requests and responses).
  • Highly efficient storage of traffic data: With IBVDS (InfBrok100-related traffic data storage), InfBrok100 offers a structure for the efficient loading and retrieval of traffic data. It contains all the information that is subject to outside request according to the Telecommunications Act. Thanks to our specially optimized storage process, up to several billion CDRs (traffic datasets) per day can be stored. IBVDS can also be configured to implement all specifications of the (applicable, but currently suspended) Federal Network Agency’s catalogue of measures. Alternatively, traffic data can also be retrieved from existing (e.g. billing) systems.
  • Any number and structure of data delivery systems: InfBrok100 and IBVDS, our storage system specialized for traffic data, can draw the legally requestable subscriber and traffic data from various sources: Billing, Customer Care, IN, Switch, Mediation Device, etc., and of course from our § 112 system InfBrok90. Additionally, responses to subscriber data requests can be manually augmented or retrieved, and traffic data can be uploaded as csv files.
  • Timeout monitoring: Each individual measure and each sub-process is monitored in real-time: Should the specific time maximum for a measure elapse, an escalation process is initiated.
  • Support for the electronic interface with authorities: InfBrok100 supports, besides fax and postal processes, the “Elektronische Schnittstelle Behörden“ (ETSI-ESB), the interface with authorities that can be used to send the court order, request data, and result data electronically (as per ETSI TS 102 657, TR TKÜV 7.0 et seq.). This reduces retrieval effort for the user as well as the danger of transmission errors. In the case of lawful interception measures, use of this electronic interface eliminates the need to send originals through the postal system.
  • Automatic bill generation: InfBrok100 supports interfaces with the user’s accounting department (e.g. per csv file for SAP), through which billing data, automatically generated on the basis of the price list according to JVEG, along with any necessary manual additions, can be transmitted (including electronic billing indicators as per TR TKÜV).
  • Fail safety with automatic restart capability: InfBrok100 is optimized to the highest level of operational safety. All statuses and interim results are persistently stored in a database, so that (given the appropriate backup of the database) even after a power failure, for instance, the system continues to work without data loss.
  • Various user roles: InfBrok100 knows different user profiles (e.g. specialist, administrator, quality manager), which can be adapted to the obligated party’s organizational structure of responsibilities – thus effectively controlling access to sensitive data.

Further Features

  • Access to porting data from InfPort43 via web service for malicious caller identification
  • Lawful interception handled manually, or directly via RAI interface with a LIMS by utimaco
  • Support for log inspection
  • Multiple client capability
  • Cost-neutral adaptations to regulatory changes included in maintenance contract

Managed Service

You can also obtain a license for InfBrok100 services as a hosted and managed service package. For this, our multi-client application is hosted on specially secured computers on the premises of DIaLOGIKa or our partner. We set up the interfaces to the outside (with the entitled authorities) for you. For the ETSI connection we use the SINA Box, likewise installed at DIaLOGIKa (or our partner), and for fax communication there is a fax server available. We can also implement the design concept for the Federal Network Agency pursuant to TKG §§ 110 and 113 and conduct the acceptance tests with the agency.
When a new request from an authorized entity is received and requires interaction on your part, an email notification is sent to your responsible staff members, who will then be able to log on from their browsers with their personal identification via https and process the request, by retrieving subscriber data or uploading traffic data, for example.

Dialogika goes ETSI

Dialogika is, since March 23rd, 2020, a member of the European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI). Among other things, ETSI regulates the communication between investigative authorities and telecommunications providers within the framework of lawful interception and provision of information to authorities. It is ETSI’s technical specifications which form the basis for Federal Network Agency’s technical guidelines. So this ETSI membership now allows us, along with a few of our customers, to collaborate on the standardization process, which is to the advantage of all of our customers. This puts us among the first to receive the latest information. And naturally we incorporate it into our product development of InfReq100 and InfBrok100.

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