Our InfBrok90 system constitutes the IT-technical implementation of the Federal Network Agency’s published specifications TR AAV (formerly SARV, SBV) for telecom service providers responding to authorized requests for subscriber information pursuant to § 112 TKG (German Telecommunications Act; § 173 TKG new version).

Who must comply with § 112 TKG (§ 173 TKG new version)?

The obligation laid out in § 112 of the Telecommunications Act (Automated Information Request/Provision Procedure; § 173 TKG new version) applies to all telecom providers who allocate connection identifiers to customers and have more than 10,000 subscribers. This primarily applies to mobile and landline operators, but also to service number operators or mobile service providers, for example. According to the regulations issued by the Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post, and Railway (BNetzA), obligated parties must have a system in place that can provide automated responses to the agency’s requests for data on subscribers, addresses, and telephone numbers.

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Functional Features

Our system InfBrok90 (“Information Broker, pursuant to § 90 of the Telecommunications Act, replaced by §112 in 2004 and by §173 in 2021“) constitutes the IT technical implementation of the Subscriber Data Request/Provision Ordinance (KDAV) and the Federal Network Agency’s published Technical Guidelines for the Automated Information Request/Provision Procedure (TR AAV) of 2017, which, as of December 20, 2018, obligated parties must have in operation. InfBrok90 features the following:
  • TR AAV: InfBrok90 covers all requirements imposed by § 112 TKG (§ 173 TKG new version), by the KDAV and TR AAV, including phonetic search, search of historical data, and web service connection to the Federal Network Agency with client-certified HTTPS.
  • Flexible data structure: TR AAV compliance involves supplying comparatively complex data upon request by authorities. Our flexible data structure is thus suited for loading heterogeneous data whose structure is complex.
  • Import Module: With our highly configurable import modules, subscriber data can be conveniently loaded. It makes possible the loading of delta data as well as efficient reconciliation with master databases using total stock files.
  • InfPort43: There is an import module available for loading data from our telephone number management system InfPort43.
  • InfBrok100: The InfBrok90 database can be used by our authorized information request system InfBrok100 for identifying the line owner for the review of a court order accompanying a traffic data request, or lawful telecommunications interception measures. Likewise, it enables the loading of additional subscriber data into the database for InfBrok90 as well as their provision to authorized parties according to § 113 TKG (§ 174 TKG new version) with the help of InfBrok100.
  • Regulatory changes: The maintenance contract covers cost-neutral updates when changes are made to the Telecommunications Act (the manual information request/provision procedure), to the KDAV (ordinance on the disclosure of customer data), or the TR AAV.

InfBrok90’s Web Interface

The main functions of InfBrok90 are the optimized loading of data to a database for the information provision procedure, and to respond to requests from the Federal Network Agency. Both these functions are accomplished through autonomous background processes requiring no user interaction. Nevertheless, InfBrok90 also has a graphical user interface. This can be used to conveniently monitor the entire system. In particular, the current workload (length of information request queue) for the various communication partners (Federal Network Agency branch offices) and priorities are displayed online. The (specialist) administrator can conduct searches in the database and submit test requests. Additionally, the loading and request statistics can be displayed at the interface.

Operational Aspects

  • For UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Installation as high availability system possible
  • Autonomous 24h-operation
  • Enhanced fail-safety and restart capability
  • Multi-tenant capability (for multiple porting identifiers)
  • Certificate management for communications with the Federal Network Agency via web service
  • JMX interface for monitoring
  • Email notification in case of error
  • Simulation of test requests
  • Request and loading statistics

InfBrok90 is installed for our clients by experienced DIaLOGIKa staff members who accompany you at every step in the process, from conception to implementation. With our lump-sum pricing for installation and software maintenance services, your investment always remains calculable.
Alternatively, we also offer InfBrok90 as a managed service (hosting solution).
Whether it’s 10,000 subscribers to city carrier or umpteen million subscribers to a mobile service operator ― the § 112 (§ 173 TKG new version) solution InfBrok90 by DIaLOGIKa performs with distinction in every type of environment, operating failure free under low administrative effort, without breaking its “stride” even when its direct communication partners experience failures.

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