InfReq100 is an integrated, automated solution for security organisations requesting information from telecommunications service providers.

Integrated solution for information requests

The following types of requests are implemented (some pursuant to further laws):

  • automated Information Request/Provision Procedure according to § 112 TKG (German Telecommunications Act; § 173 TKG new version)
  • Manual Information Request/Provision Procedure according to § 113 TKG (§ 174 TKG new version)
  • connection and traffic data requests according to § 100 g StPO (German Criminal Procedure Code) and the corresponding policing laws
  • orders for lawful interception measures according to §§ 100a,e StPO or G10 law
  • real time connection and traffic data requests according to § 100g StPO
  • location identification (mobile communications)

Main features and customer benefits

  • unified user interface for all information request types — regardless of the information request channel used (fax, ETSI-ESB, email, TR AAV and previous specifications)
  • processing without media breaks
  • transparency of processing and access to all results for all authorized users by virtue of flexible access and transparency rules
  • web clients (low training effort) not dependent on a specific installation
  • large number of clients possible, low bandwidth required
  • interfaces (web services) available for coupling with intercept systems, evaluation systems, or emergency dispatch systems
  • support for various fax servers (Faxination, ActFax, RightFax)
  • email interception via IMAP(S)4 / POP(S)3 und SMTP(S)

Automation of internal processes

Besides executing requests, InfReq100 also helps automate our customers’ internal processes:

  • uploading a request (or order, ordinance or decree)
  • reviewing/correcting/issuing the request (or order, ordinance or decree) and many further steps all the way to
  • invoice verification and management of the telecom’s bills/invoices, with automatic assignment of measures

Available modules

InfReq100 is modular in design, so our customers pay only for the options they’d like to use. Besides the basic module, here are just a few of the additional options available:

  • subscriber data requests as per § 112 of the Telecommunications Act (TKG; § 173 TKG new version)
  • subscriber data requests as per § 113 of the Telecommunications Act (TKG; § 174 TKG new version)
  • traffic data requests as per § 100g Criminal Procedure Code (StPO) , i.a.
  • intercept measures as per §§ 100a,e Criminal Procedure Code (StPO) , i.a.
  • real time connection and traffic data requests as per §§ 100 g Criminal Procedure Code (StPO) i.a. location detection as per § 100g (StPO) and policing laws
  • support for email and ESB/ETSI
  • accounting controls
  • and much more

Dialogika goes ETSI

Dialogika is a member of the European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI). Among other things, ETSI regulates the communication between investigative authorities and telecommunications providers within the framework of lawful interception and provision of information to authorities. It is ETSI’s technical specifications which form the basis for Federal Network Agency’s technical guidelines. So this ETSI membership allows us to collaborate on the standardization process, which is to the advantage of all of our customers. This puts us among the first to receive the latest information. And naturally we incorporate it into our product development of InfReq100 and InfBrok100.

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